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Our service and products at Purer Clean Air® have been independently reviewed by many of our customers. You can check out our profile on Trustpilot by clicking here. We are committed to providing the best possible service and products to our customers.

Mick James, I couldn’t have been any more impressed…

I couldn’t have been any more impressed with the product. It has kept my extremely clinically vulnerable wife safe after I had been out with clients in the car. I’m 62 and it must rate as one of the most important purchases I’ve ever made.

Roy H, In-car air purifier

On the recommendation of another driving instructor I purchased the in car air purifier, the amount of confidence it has given myself and my pupils in protecting us from COVID-19 is immeasurable, I changed the filter after 4 months, well worth the money!!!

Mark Hodgins, Automotive cleansing unit

I purchased a purer clean air unit for my car over a year ago as I am a driving instructor and was concerned with Covid particles being circulated through my vehicle as social distancing is not an option. I must say that I am completely satisfied with the unit and it has been in constant use for over a year and I have had absolutely no problems with its reliability.
The product is great value for money and 100% reliable.
I have and continue to recommend this product.
Mark Hodgins.

Neil, I bought one of the car air products to assist my driving school.
I bought one of the car air products to use in my driving school car due to the close confinement issues. I’ve had it installed for some time now. Easy to install, quiet running and relatively discreet.
I could never say what it has or hasn’t stopped infection wise, but I’ve not had any sickness issues with me or any of my students.
Rick Martin, Superb product

I bought this product at the height of COVID as much to reassure myself and my customers and to do the best I could to protect all persons in the car. I made a very good decision. The product was delivered very quickly was superbly made and very simple to work. It continues to operate every day of the week and has proven to be wholly reliable. I have no hesitation to highly recommend it

Mrs Jenniffer Wickland, In car air purifier…
Bought an in car air purifier to keep myself and my learners safe, by reducing Covid risks. Easy to use and put in the car. Very pleased with it, makes the air clear of Covid particles and pollution.


Kim, 5 star

This business are personable, friendly and very helpful. Their Technical knowledge is excellent. The products are terrific. Quiet, efficient and user friendly with minimum maintenance.
We are happy to recommend Purer Clean Air.

Michelle, Delighted with products and service from Purer Clean Air

Extremely happy with both the products purchased and the service from the team at Purer Clean Air. From our initial enquiry through to on-site to delivery and set up communication and customer service was excellent. The machines themselves are in operation and I’m positive are contributing to our safe operating environment.

Case Study

An interview with Chelmsford Counselling Foundation

How did you feel about the service provided by Purer Clean Air?

I was extremely pleased by the service offered by Purer Clean Air, from initial contact, product specification and pre- purchase information, to payment and on-going support. The team was passionate and knowledgeable about the products and I couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Were the products purchased easy to install and operate?

The products were very easy to install, simply ‘plug and play’ but I also had back up support for any questions I had.

Would you recommend Purer Clean Air?

I have already recommended Purer Clean Air to two people and hope they make the wise decision to purchase some units.

What made you choose Purer Clean Air?

Recommendation from another Charity similar to our own.