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HA30 Car Air Purifier

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Our innovative medical grade DNO patented filter catalysts ‘captures, kills and converts’ harmful pollutants including COVID-19. The HA30 can work efficiently up to 9.5m2 of space.​ The HA30 can project pure clean air up to 10 times per hour to every corner of the vehicle.​


Our HA30 Car Air Purifier with its Intelligent air quality sensors automatically detects harmful airborne particles & gases in vehicles, with regular feedback sent directly to the system. The multi-colour feature light built into the system displays air quality levels in real time.

The HA30 uses our patented DNO pollution erasing technology developed by Oxford University scientists to clean the harmful gases & pollutants that circulate in your vehicle, with the HA30 delivering up to 9.5 m2 of clean air to the whole vehicle.

The patented & innovative medical grade DNO filter catalysts ‘captures, kills and converts’ harmful pollutants & virus particles.

What is DNO Filter Technology?

When it comes to air purifier technology, or more importantly; filter technology, our patented DNO filters used in our air purifiers is backed by scientific data from the leading researchers & scientists from Oxford University. The DNO filters used in all of our products can capture & kill harmful pollutants, gases and viruses, and convert them into harmless invisible by products made up of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

This Medical Grade technology is called D-orbital Nano Oxide DNO multi-functional Pollution Removal Technology (DNO for short). DNO is the most advanced air purifying technology on the market today, combined with High Performance Filters (HEPA), it can remove pollutants, bacteria, viruses and even some of the smallest pollutant and micron- level particles from the air.

Our filters capture, kill and convert Particulate Matter (PM) to levels of 0.003ɥm (microns).

Why is capturing, killing and conversion of pollutants so important?

Our Medical Grade Integrated high-quality DNO filter has 5 unique layers that traps particles via the primary layer, high-efficiency layers and nano-catalyst layers. From tiny micron-level harmful substances including bacteria and viruses to larger particles such as dust & soot, all of them are captured and killed by our filters

The high-efficiency DNO Catalyst in the filter element decomposes various harmful gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Ozone, bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, odour from tobacco and alcohol.

Our filter performance is more than 8 times that of ordinary activated carbon filters. Any gas pollutants, bacteria and viruses will be captured by the HEPA 13 filter, killed, and then converted by the DNO catalyst filters into invisible and harmless water, carbon dioxide and Oxygen!

Technical Specification





50dBA (full power)

TVOC Sensor


Operating mode

Auto or Manual Operation

Filter Reset

Pin Reset



Fan Speed

3 Levels

Filter Replacement Reminder

According to the particulate dust holding capacity of the filter and the intelligent accumulation calculation of the environmental PM2.5 index

Primary filter



HEPA+High efficiency Nano DNO Catalyst, 20 mm

Honeycomb network

High efficiency nano DNO air purifier

Filter frame material




Rated Voltage

12V, DC

Product Size


Box Size


Product Weight

0.89 Kg

Product & Box

0.98 Kg




DC brushless

Rated Power


Filter size

100*100*20 mm

Control Method

Touch Button

Display Method

LED Digital

HEPA Filter grade


Product Benefits

  • Highly efficient sensors detect and display air quality levels in real time.
  • The Purer Clean Air® HA30 car air purifier is suitable for Vehicles and smaller room areas will provide clean and safe air after 5 minutes of continued use from powering on.
  • Auto mode maintains air quality so you can continue your daily activities, while your purifier automatically monitors and reacts. The machine will continue to remove pollutants and maintain Purer Clean Air® at the most efficient fan speed.
  • The HA30 car air purifier can work efficiently to circa 9.5m2 of space.
  • The HA30 projects pure clean air up to 10 times per hour to every corner of the vehicle or smaller space.
  • The patented DNO filters purify air pollutant including formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ammonia, odour, ozone, bacteria, virus (including COVID-19), pollen, Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and micron-level particles smaller than PM2.5.
  • Our innovative ‘capture and convert technology’ sets our products apart from our competitors.
  • The DNO filter catalysts captures and converts harmful pollutants into harmless carbon dioxide and water with no risk of secondary release to the user.
  • Our medical grade filters capture the smallest particles and pollutants to industry high levels.
  • Purer Clean Air purifiers are rated as HEPA filter, MERV 13 – medical grade.
  • Purer Clean Air purifiers are rated as P4 and F4 grades, the highest levels of performance on the CCM scale. The units also rate highly on the CADR scale at 25.9m3/h.
  • A multi-colour feature light denotes the quality of air being purified at any given time.
  • The unit is easy to install in the front or rear of the vehicle with a 12V charging cable.
  • There are 3 fan speeds which can be managed manually if you want to increase the air flow capacity, or simply keep on auto mode for the most efficient air purification levels.
  • There are built-in reminders that flash on the unit when the filter needs changing.
  • Filter changes are required on average every 12 months dependent on level of usage.

Driving Instructor Case Study

Driving instructors are using our purifiers to create a safe environment free from harmful pollutants and viruses (including COVID-19) providing peace of mind and clean purified air to breathe for both the instructors and their clients.

We have received great feedback from the driving instructors who are using our purifiers to protect against contaminated air.

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Here is some of the feedback we have received:

“I couldn’t have been any more impressed with the product. It has kept my extremely clinically vulnerable wife safe after I had been out with clients in the car. I’m 62 and it must rate as one of the most important purchases I’ve ever made.” – Mick James

“On the recommendation of another driving instructor I purchased the in car air purifier, the amount of confidence it has given myself and my pupils in protecting us from COVID-19 is immeasurable, I changed the filter after 4 months, well worth the money!!!” – Roy H

“I purchased a purer clean air unit for my car over a year ago as I am a driving instructor and was concerned with Covid particles being circulated through my vehicle as social distancing is not an option. I must say that I am completely satisfied with the unit and it has been in constant use for over a year and I have had absolutely no problems with its reliability. The product is great value for money and 100% reliable. I have and continue to recommend this product.” – Mark Hodgins

“I bought one of the car air products to use in my driving school car due to the close confinement issues. I’ve had it installed for some time now. Easy to install, quiet running and relatively discreet. I could never say what it has or hasn’t stopped infection wise, but I’ve not had any sickness issues with me or any of my students.” – Neil

“I bought this product at the height of COVID as much to reassure myself and my customers and to do the best I could to protect all persons in the car. I made a very good decision. The product was delivered very quickly was superbly made and very simple to work. It continues to operate every day of the week and has proven to be wholly reliable. I have no hesitation to highly recommend it” – Rick Martin

“Bought an in car air purifier to keep myself and my learners safe, by reducing Covid risks. Easy to use and put in the car. Very pleased with it, makes the air clear of Covid particles and pollution.” – Mrs Jenniffer Wickland