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• There are lots of air purification systems in the market, some products calling themselves Air Purifiers have limited capability to perform the job. Many household brand names do not provide the technological features to perform at the highest levels to capture the most dangerous pollutants. In short, they are air conditioning units, they look aesthetically pleasing but have a limited air purification capability.

• At Purer Clean Air® we don’t sell vacuums, phones or TVs like other brands. We are solely focused on healthy air solutions.

• Our products are medical grade purifiers that capture pollutants and cleanse the air for our users.

• Know what you need before checking by price. Ensure the product has the features and capability to meet your needs.

• You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the right product but you must ensure it will perform to a level that meets your requirements.

• Purer Clean Air® purifiers compare favourably against all key metrics vs our competitors.

• Check the unit has the capacity to deliver the output for the size of the area you require.

• Check the unit’s weight if you wish to move it around a building. Does it have wheels?

• Purer Clean Air have products suitable for both domestic and commercial use. We state clearly the features and capabilities of our products.

• Our products compare favourably against our competitors and rank in the top performing banding, outperforming many of the more expensive brands in the market.

• The noise levels of Air Purifiers in a domestic or commercial setting is very important. Obtrusive noise levels can cause disruption to conversations and negatively impact on sleep patterns. This can be overwhelming to personal wellbeing and general health.

• Many air purifiers have a noise level ranging from around 50dB at the lowest fan speed to over 70dB at their most efficient fan speed.

• Purer Clean Air® purifiers are barely audible (near-silent) at 36db on sleep mode. There are 5 fan speeds, even on its highest Turbo setting which is generally reserved only for occasional quick cleaning of large areas, Purer Clean Air® purifiers are still only 67db (comparable to a dishwasher).

• CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rate. This numerical value will show you how many specific particles have been removed from the air. The CADR rating indicates how fast the air purifier can clean the air within a standard test size room. However, the unit is only tested for 20 minutes to gain a CADR rating.

• CCM – Cumulate Clean Mass. CCM is the more accurate rating as it measures performance over a sustained period of time. The higher the CCM, the better the overall long-term performance and stability of the product. CCM is a good indicator of how much your air purifier will protect you from dangerous air pollutants.

• The best air purifiers work at maximum efficiency throughout prolonged use. The number of air filtrations per hour is also a significant indicator of the efficiency of a product.

• Beware of Air Purification systems that do not divulge both ratings. Inferior products will try to focus on the best numbers usually CADR and ignore the CCM ratings that do not show the brand in the best light.

• Purer Clean Air® purifiers operate at the highest level of CADR and CCM with ratings of P4 and F4.

• A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance Filter) is a specific type of high quality air filter that meets the HEPA filter standard, which is to remove at least 99.97% of particles from the air down to at least 0.3 microns in size.

• HEPA filters are rated on the MERV scale. The higher the filter rates on the scale, the better the quality of filter. This scale increases from 1-16 with 1 being low and 16 extremely high filtration qualities.

• P and F values. P = Particulate Matter and F = Formaldehyde. Many mass produced air filter products do not meet the minimum standard of P1 and F1.

• The scale rises from 1 – 4 across both metrics. 4 being the highest level of performance.

• Purer Clean Air® purifiers are rated as HEPA filter, MERV 13 – this is medical grade standard.

• Purer Clean Air® purifiers are rated as P4 and F4 grades, the highest levels of performance on the scale.

• Most Air Purification brands will not detail any data or comment on the dangers of pollutant or secondary release of contaminants.

• Simply put, most air purification brands will capture contaminants but not convert the pollutants. This means if a virus or bacteria is still living when a filter is cleaned or changed, the pollutant may transfer to the user or be released back into the atmosphere.

• Some Air Purification systems will capture and convert the contaminant but can cause harmful pollutants such as viruses and Ozone to be released back into the atmosphere.

• Purer Clean Air® purifier filters and catalysts truly supply ‘purer clean air’ by capturing, killing and converting the contaminants into harmless by product elements such as carbon dioxide and water.

• Unlike most other air purifiers on the market, there is no secondary release from our products. The invisible by products from our units are also environmentally friendly with no risk to user health or the planet.

What our customers are saying

I couldn’t have been any more impressed with the product. It has kept my extremely clinically vulnerable wife safe after I had been out with clients in the car. I’m 62 and it must rate as one of the most important purchases I’ve ever made.
Mick James
On the recommendation of another driving instructor I purchased the in car air purifier, the amount of confidence it has given myself and my pupils in protecting us from COVID-19 is immeasurable, I changed the filter after 4 months, well worth the money!!!
Roy H
Extremely happy with both the products purchased and the service from the team at Purer Clean Air. From our initial enquiry through to on-site to delivery and set up communication and customer service was excellent. The machines themselves are in operation and I'm positive are contributing to our safe operating environment.